Knowledge is Power Prompt

Knowledge is power. In agriculture, medicine, and industry, for example, knowledge has liberated us from hunger, disease, and tedious labor. Today, however, our knowledge has become so powerful that it is beyond our control. We know how to do many things, but we do not know where, when, or even whether this know-how should be used.

Can knowledge be a burden rather than a benefit? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations.

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8 Responses to Knowledge is Power Prompt

  1. Lilian says:

    No doubt. This is the “Knowledge Society”. Many discoveries, new information about almost everything, and new technologies that allow us today to be a click of that information.

    From my experience as journalist, I have seen how common people are bombarded with information about what happens every day. But such a large amount of information and data in a very short time, makes almost impossible to understand everything or even to remember.

    Who can read or listen all of that information?… Nobody, I think.
    Even, there are a theory in mass comunication sciences, that talk about too much information for a person, an effect like a narcotic is produced (narcotic effect of the information). In a few words, people consume a lot of information and new knowledge that, at the end of the day, it’s very probably that these people can’t share this informatrion with another one, or feel dizzy with so much data.

    In this sense, know about many things can be unuseful, or to became in burden. But, it’s depends of the context. Because, it’s clear that know about new discoveries is good for many things in the life.

  2. judy says:

    Essay: knowledge is power…

    Is true that today we have a lot knowledge’s and theories of many things that are happening, as advances in technology, science, education, mathematics, environment, etc. but often all we know, we apply too late to fix things, or just hide to protect the interests of persons, corporations or even the same government. In what helps us have all this knowledge if we did not pay the necessary attention? For example, long have been talking about the global warming, that we are damaging our environment, and we are abusing of the earth and the resources.

    After many research of the climate change, resources degradation, and population growth, the government, private sector, and citizens are working together seeks innovative solutions to this problem. But, what are we doing with this knowledge? Until know, not much!! Is not only recycling, is what is important for us, our health and our future. For example did you know that:

    **For every ton of paper that is recycled, the following is saved: 7,000 gallons of water; 380 gallons of oil; and enough electricity to power an average house for six month.

    **we can run a TV for six hours on the amount of electricity that is saved by recycling one aluminum can.

    **By recycling just one glass bottle, you save enough electricity to power a 100-watt bulb for fours hours.

    **Making proper use of the blue recycling bin has become an iconic action. Reducing the amount of stuff we consume is the first step and finding constructive use for “waste” material is the second. By recycling and reusing, we reduce the amount of waste that sit in landfills, where even biodegradable products often can’t break due to lack or oxygen and sunlight. Recycling materials also saves energy.

    **Buying local food means supporting the local economy and reducing the green house gas emission required to get food from its origin to your plate. Also reducing packaging and energy use for processing. Choosing organic food means helping promote the organic agriculture and responsible land use and but not least improve your personal health.

    **Any time we choose to walk, ride a bike or take public transportation we reduce the carbon dioxide and particulate emissions created by driving a gas – or- diesel –powered car.

    **Being water conscious not only help us save money, but helps reduce strain on municipal treatment systems and ensures there’s enough to go around. By shifting away from bottle water, we can reduce the gas emission and the energy to produce plastic also reduces the volume of waste trucked to our landfills.

    We have the power of knowledge about what happen with the ecosystem, but how many people are doing the right thing to help our environment? The true is, that every single thing we do every day has an impact on the planet —good or bad. “Go Green “ is everywhere these days, in the news, politics, fashion, and even technology. So we have the power to catch up the massage and do the right thing.

  3. Ana says:

    I’m agree about the prompt: “Knowledge is power”, because it is very important to get a better life, to get better decisions, to be a good leader in the society.
    I’m agree because knowledge is the base of the humans development. The situation is that some humans are using it to destroy the nature.

    • Edith Vargas says:

      Hi Ana! This is Edith Vargas, I’m your classmate, I have a question for you . I post my comment on the Prompt response but the sistem saids “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” Do you know what it’s that means?

  4. Edith Vargas says:

    Essay; Knowledge is power…
    I totally agree that knowledge is power when we are talking about health,or cured illnesses or disease,obesity,bulimia,anorexia. Knowledge is power also to help the environment after you learned how to recycle,etc.

    However in some cases we don’t know what to do with all of this knowledge. For example; when we debate about Religion or Creation too much knowledge about the Theory of Evolution can be negative in what to believe.

    “God or Evolution?”

    It’s hard to believe in God after you have learned about evolution, so this brings up these questions:

    “Does God exsist?”

    “Where do we really come from?”

    “Did God create man from the soil of earth to be different?”

    “Did God create man from his own body to resemble him on earth?”


    “Did we evole from primates, like the Theory of Evolution says?

  5. Edith Vargas says:

    I’m catolic.

  6. Ana says:

    Hi Edith, I’m so sorry because I really don’t know what does it mean. May be the professor can helps us tomorrow….

  7. rene rodas says:

    THIS IS WHAT I THINK: knowledge has improved our lives, there’s no question about it, but at the same time some people have been using it in a bad way for exemple: men have created weapons like missiles and atomic bombs that can distoy an entire nation.


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